Monday, September 20, 2010

One more time !!!

Almost a Year since my Last Blog, I know my Readers would be waiting for my second Blog so here it comes....


Time Sept 21 2010
Time since Last blog
363 Days :)

I know now you must be eagerly waiting for my Third Blog ...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hand in hand keeps you UNITED.

This blog is consequence of harsha's blog "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind " do read his blog first...... he inspired me to write my first blog.

No Religion teach you to massacre any living being, they Teach you to love and Spread LOVE .

you are spreading right message brother ... and we need to resend these kind of message each and every time....

I totally agree that these kind of riots are consequences of political difference and GREED for Power.
The Stupid Common man need to understand this and be cautious not to fall in these kind of traps where you are only a pawn in the GAME you will die or Kill no other option wil be available for you.
Along with Education ,I think we need to develop sense of ownership and responsibilty towards people and country that bind us. We need HIGH PATRIOTISM as it is in other countries ,eg America.
They always put their Nation before every thing else.

We need to change our mentality ... INDIA IS OUR COUNTRY ..its mine,his, her, their ..and so on so we think that there are other people also to think about INDIA......
It should be changed to INDIA IS MY COUNTRY then sense of responsibility will come to each of us and we will think of it as we care our loved ones...

When we start taking INDIA as INDIA ...UNITED
then no goddamn Terrorist (All those who are responsible for Massacre and blood bath) will be able to Break it UP in the name of GOD ,Caste, Creed, Religion or colour ,
Because at that time we will know that I am not protecting any stranger of my country but He is My Brother .... I have to Protect him not KILL him.

ITS time To Get United !!
and give reply ....